About Us

Entrusted with Century-Long Legacies

MC Group Ventures is a business services holding company born from MC Sign that has expanded and repositioned its role in the market through numerous acquisitions since 1994. Today, MC Group Ventures serves as the holding company for Stratus — a nationwide brand implementation company built from the combined legacies of MC Group and ICON Identity Solutions — with its sights set on additional strategic investments and acquisitions.

Our Growth Journey

The story of our organization truly begins with MC Sign in Ashtabula, Ohio, founded in 1953. For nearly 40 years, MC Sign served as a leading signage and maintenance company serving organizations in multiple industries. In 1994, current CEO Tim Eippert purchased MC Sign. At only 24 years old, Mr. Eippert’s acquisition set our organization on a new course for rapid growth. Over the next 14 years, MC Sign achieved significant milestones ranging from major multi-year brand implementation programs for national clients to the launch of a national sign services center platform and lighting solutions division.

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From MC Sign to MC Group — Our Growth Accelerates

In 2008, the first of three private equity partnerships was established to take our growth to the next level. These private equity investments were instrumental to the growth of MC Sign as was the continued leadership of Mr. Eippert. Throughout the years, our partnerships with Sverica Capital Management, Caltius Capital Management, and Arcapita Group enabled MC Sign to not only expand our service portfolio and geography but also to engage in acquisitions of our own through the holding company known today as MC Group Ventures. MC Sign officially rebranded to MC Group in 2018 to better reflect our expanded portfolio of services.

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Stratus is Born — Adding an Industry Icon to the Group

In 2019, the vision of MC Group Ventures came to life with the acquisition of ICON Identity Solutions, one of MC Group’s largest competitors, to become one of the industry’s largest and broadest providers of facility services with branding at its core. Sharing many of the same services as MC Group yet offering distinct capabilities in refresh & remodel construction, signage manufacturing, and other specialty services, the decision was an easy one to make to propel the organizations and their 150+ years of combined history forward into the future.

After operating as MC Group | ICON for its first year, the company officially rebranded as Stratus in 2020 — putting the joined organization on an even stronger path toward growth and helping customers strengthen their brands. Today, Stratus provides brand implementation services to customers in multiple markets while MC Group Ventures focuses on growing our portfolio of facility services companies through strategic partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions.

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The Future is Bright for MC Group Ventures

MC Group Ventures continues to focus on strategic acquisitions and partnerships while operating as the holding company for Stratus and all future investments. If your organization is looking for an ideal partnership to take your success to the next level, we would be interested in speaking with you.

Contact us today to learn more about MC Group Ventures and our investment philosophy.

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